Course Schedule

Fall 2020 Online Classes

EDACE 765 Integrating Technology into CurriculumKSIS Class #: TBA (3 credit hours)Instructor:  Dr. Haijun KangDates: 8/24/2020-10/16/2020This course includes an in-depth study of methods for integrating innovative technologies into the curriculum for adult learners. With an in depth understanding of adult… Read More ›

Fall 2019 Online Classes

EDACE 780 Introduction to Adult Learning and LeadershipKSIS Class #: 13825 (3 credit hours)Instructor: Dr. Judy FavorTuesdays, August 27–October 15, 2019This course will meet synchronously via Zoom from 5:30 to 9:30 pm This is a foundation course that acquaints the… Read More ›

Summer 2019 Course Schedule

*EDACE 818: Critical and Social Issues in Adult Learning Date: 5/6/2019 – 6/21/2019 Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki KSIS# 11920 Designed for adult learning and students and college or university personnel in sociology and related fields dealing with adults, this… Read More ›

Summer 2018 Online Courses

EDACE 816: Foundations of Social Justice Education Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki Dates 5/21/2018 – 7/6/2018 KSIS: 12001 This course introduces the concept of social justice education (SJE) and focuses on the various theoretical lenses from which SJE can be… Read More ›

Fall 2016 Online Classes

EDACE 865: Principles of Workplace Learning Instructor: Dr. W. Frank Spikes Dates: 8/22/16 – 10/14/16 KSIS: 17307 This course provides an overview of various aspects of workplace learning initiatives as found in the related professional literature and from various practice-related… Read More ›

Summer 2016 Online Classes

EDACE 824: Teaching Online in Adult Education Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang Dates: 5/09/16 – 6/24/16 KSIS: 11803 Online learning and e-learning have become extremely popular with working adults. In this course, students will learn online adult learning theories, online pedagogy,… Read More ›

Online classes – Spring 2016

EDACE 875: Program Evaluation in Adult Education Instructor: Dr. W. Frank Spikes Dates: 1/11/16 – 3/4/16 KSIS#: 16718 This course examines the foundational elements and key ideas associated with the process and practice of program evaluation. Various approaches to program… Read More ›