Corporate Training Positions: Tips for making it successful!

How does an educator propose adding training and education to a business or corporation when it may affect the financial bottom line? Anne Brown, a corporate trainer in the metro Kansas City area and Adult Learning and Leadership student, suggests grounding the request for education in the goals of the business overall, or the goals for each individual department.

Brown suggests choosing training which will provide knowledge to improve efficiency or production over training which only checks a proverbial box. Improving efficiency or production can lead to bigger dollar signs for the bottom line. This can increase the value of the training and education to be provided to the decision-makers at corporations.

The Adult Learning and Leadership program at Kansas State University explores theories, research studies, and applications of adult learning in development as well as motivations and characteristics to be considered when designing training for adults. Grounding the theories in research and developing learning outcomes through group projects and assignments, students in the Adult Learning and Leadership program are able to gain knowledge and tools to design and develop learning outcomes to increase value in big and small corporations.

Courses are designed for students to implement knowledge and theories outside the classroom immediately, inviting students to discuss real world problems and issues, guiding towards solutions. Designed for the working adult, classes are available in two delivery methods: online and face to face at Kansas State University’s Olathe campus, in the metro Kansas City area.

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