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Fall 2016 Online Classes

EDACE 865: Principles of Workplace Learning
Instructor: Dr. W. Frank Spikes
Dates: 8/22/16 – 10/14/16
KSIS: 17307
This course provides an overview of various aspects of workplace learning initiatives as found in the related professional literature and from various practice-related venues. Major topics include evolution of the process of workplace learning and the profession of training; assessing and analyzing workplace learning needs; designing and delivering workplace learning programs; and measuring and evaluating the impact of workplace learning initiatives.

EDACE 765: Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang
Dates: 8/22/16 – 10/14/16
KSIS: 17306
This course includes an in-depth study of methods for integrating innovative technologies into the curriculum for adult learners. With an in depth understanding of adult learners, students will analyze learning theories and appropriate technologies for relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with course curriculum.

*EDACE 780: Introduction to Adult Education
Instructor: Dr. Judy Favor
Dates: 10/17/16 – 12/09/16
KSIS: 17398
This is a foundation course that acquaints the student with the diverse and evolving field of adult education. It provides a systematic base for further studies in adult education.   The broad purpose of this course is to have students explore the scope and significance of the field and its contributions to present-day learning in society. The student should leave this course with the beginning perspective of how adult education emerged, how it is presently changing, and how it interrelates with other fields and disciplines.

EDACE 880: Significant Literature
Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki
Dates: 10/17/16 – 12/9/16
KSIS: 17315
In this seminar course, participants will interpret and critique significant literature of adult education from current and historic perspectives. Particular attention will be given to analyzing major philosophical frameworks within adult education. Based on individual or research interests, each participant will construct an adult education proposal or paper for a conference or journal.

*EDACE 847: Adult Learning and Motivation
Instructor: Dr. John Persyn
Dates: 10/17/16 – 12/9/16
KSIS: 17337
This course is an overview of significant learning and motivational theories and the educational implications for adult educators. Students will develop an awareness of what learning is and how it occurs, examine current and developing concepts on learning and motivation, and explore how adult learning is influenced by factors such as gender, race, and socioeconomic class.

*required courses for the Master’s degree

Yelich Biniecki receives national early career award

2015-Dec-14_1641_09-Yelich_Source: Yelich Biniecki receives national early career award

Congratulations to Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki!

“Susan Yelich Biniecki, assistant professor in educational leadership department, was presented with the Early Career Award from the Commission of Professors of Adult Education of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education in November at its annual conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The award honors an individual in the early stage of their academic career who has made significant contributions in scholarship and service to the field of adult education as well as demonstrated excellence in research and publication. Yelich Biniecki’s research focuses on adult learning and knowledge construction in international education contexts.”



Dr. Cheryl Polson Inducted to Hall of Fame

Dr. Polson at her induction  November 19, 2015

On November 19, 2015 Dr. Cheryl Polson joined a select company of leaders and educators as she was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame during a ceremony in Oklahoma City. This organization, to which you must be nominated and elected, has just over 300 members including many of the giants of adult education.

DSC_3778Previous inductees include fellow K-Staters Dr. Sue Maes, Dr. Frank Spikes and former First Lady Barbara Bush. Other notable inductees include Cyril Houle, Myles Horton, Malcolm Knowles, Carol Kasworm, Edward Lindeman, Paolo Freire, Sharan Merriam, Jack Mezirow, Ronald Cervero, Rosemary Caffarella, & Stephen Brookfield.

Dr. King, Dean of CGSC, with Dr. Polson  December 4, 2015

Colleagues and friends also gathered to mark this honor at a December 4, 2015 reception at the Command and General Staff College to recognize Dr. Polson and thank her for her years of dedicated service to adult education, Kansas State University, and the Command and General Staff College. A dedicated member of the Ft. Leavenworth community for 20 years, she has represented Kansas State University to generations of Army officers in Bell Hall and the Lewis and Clark Center.


An article in K-State Today further details Dr. Polson’s numerous accomplishments, honors, and academic contributions to the field of adult education. We are proud to be a program that includes her as part of our faculty and leadership. Congratulations Dr. Polson!