Adult Learning Fills Needs of Healthcare Leadership Needs 

Some healthcare professionals find themselves looking for a leader or at least for some leadership in their specialty area. Charlie Emerson, doctoral student in Kansas State University’s Adult Learning and Leadership program, found himself in this situation a few years ago, as an athletic trainer at a university in the metro Kansas City area. He was drawn to the Adult Learning and Leadership doctoral program at Kansas State University because his previous education programs were lacking leadership content. As he began to take on more leadership roles, he was searching for the right program to develop his leadership skills. As he moves through the doctoral coursework he began to “understand the hidden forces that guide people’s interests, motivations, and intentions.” The Adult Learning and Leadership program allows Charlie to have both the big perspective as well as practical applications. In Charlie’s words, “It gives me the 30,000 feet perspective and also the practical skills that helped me to better understand leadership”. 

Learn more about leadership to be applied in your specialty area. The Adult Learning and Leadership program at Kansas State University offers doctoral degrees, master’s degrees, and also graduate certificates specializing in leadership. The Leadership Dynamics graduate certificate can be completed in about one year and can be applied in any specialty area. Visit the Adult Learning and Leadership website here or email the program director, Dr. Royce Ann Collins ( or more information about the programs we offer. Courses can be completed online or at the Kansas State University Olathe campus located in the metro Kansas City area.

Student Spotlight: Keith Whitcomb


Keith Whitcomb is a recent graduate of K-State with a M.S. in Adult and Continuing Education and graduate certificate in Leadership Dynamics. As the focus of a recent “student spotlight” article published in the May 2017 edition of G.I. Jobs magazine, he speaks to the impact of the program for him. “In addition to having a credential in leadership, this program has given me a deeper understanding of current and leading theories in leadership, emotional intelligence and the importance of “soft skills” within an organization, which really end up being the most critical – regardless of organization.” We are proud to have Keith as an alumnus of this program and grateful for his service to our country.

Click the link below to download a pdf of the article.

Whitcomb – GI Jobs Article

Learning While Serving (2017, May) G.I. Jobs,