Course Schedule

Spring 2021 Course Schedule

EDACE 790 Characteristics of Adult LearningKSIS Class #:  TBA  (3 credit hours)Instructor: Dr. Haijun KangOnline, 01/11/2021- 3/05/2021The purpose of the course is to help the student gain increased knowledge about the characteristics of adults and how these impact learning.  Students… Read More ›

Fall 2020 Online Classes

EDACE 765 Integrating Technology into CurriculumKSIS Class #: TBA (3 credit hours)Instructor:  Dr. Haijun KangDates: 8/17/2020-10/09/2020This course includes an in-depth study of methods for integrating innovative technologies into the curriculum for adult learners. With an in depth understanding of adult… Read More ›

Additional Summer 2020 Course

EDACE 847 Adult Learning and Motivation (required course) KSIS: #(TBD)  (3 credits) Dates: 6/22/2020- 8/07/2020 Instructor: Dr. Jane Fishback This course is an overview of significant learning and motivational theories and the educational implications for adult educators. Students will develop… Read More ›

Additional Spring 2020 Course

EDACE 832 Inter/Intrapersonal Communication Instructor: Dr. Bill McCollum KSIS: # 18185 (3 credits) Dates: 3/09/2020-5/01/2020 This course examines various psychological and sociological factors that impact leadership. Through examining topics like motivation, communication and presentation styles, cognitive processing, learning styles and… Read More ›

Spring, 2020 Online Classes

EDACE 817 Reflective Practices in Social Justice Education KSIS #: 17447, (3 Credit Hours) Online, January 21st thru May 1st Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich-Biniecki This course focuses on the application of principles of social justice education in informal and formal… Read More ›

Fall 2019 Online Classes

EDACE 780 Introduction to Adult Learning and LeadershipKSIS Class #: 13825 (3 credit hours)Instructor: Dr. Judy FavorTuesdays, August 27–October 15, 2019This course will meet synchronously via Zoom from 5:30 to 9:30 pm This is a foundation course that acquaints the… Read More ›