A recent search of local job postings for training positions uncovered key elements of training position requirements which are supported by the Adult Learning and Leadership programs through Kansas State University. The training position job postings were gathered from a short Google search with keywords: training position job opening. Some such training position job openings were posted from corporations such as Garmin, Walmart, and Brinks, and smaller contracting companies in construction, industrial laundry, and government contractors. Several key elements in the job posting requirements were strong written and oral communication, developing online or web-based training materials, interpersonal relationships and collaboration, critical thinking with problem-solving in fast-paced environments, knowledge of adult learning theories and strategies, confident facilitation of effective presentations, and prioritizing multiple projects.

Each of these key elements are met and exceeded in the Adult Learning and Leadership programs at Kansas State University in the required curriculum. The electives in the program provide each student with the ability to specialize in ways to benefit their individual career goals such as Academic Advising, Leadership Dynamics, Social Justice Education, Conflict Resolution, and many more.

A recent graduate of the MS in Adult Learning and Leadership, Emily Brown, works in Talent Development for a large mid-Western construction company and uses her education of the key elements of training in her position. She shares four ways she is able to use her degree in her position: 

  1. “The curriculum in the Adult Learning and Leadership program has helped me excel professionally by providing me with relevant, timely content that I could immediately implement into my role in corporate Talent Development.” 
  2. “Learning how to structure research has made my engagements with subject matter experts clear and concise, resulting in more efficient curriculum development.” 
  3. “Building an awareness around social issues affecting adult education broadened my perspective as a facilitator to consider outside influences to learning like generational differences and individual levels of comfort in the learning environment as well as individual learner motivations.” 
  4. “An indirect benefit of the Adult Learning and Leadership degree from Kansas State University is the network of Learning and Development professionals I found through the program. Many of us were classmates in different courses in the program and are now professional colleagues.” —-Emily Brown, MS

The Adult Learning and Leadership programs at Kansas State University are offered completely online and in person at the Olathe campus in the Kansas City Metro area. As Emily Brown described, even in an online format, friendships and working partnerships are cultivated and encouraged throughout the program in ways other universities have not mastered.  

Find out more! 

Reach out the Adult Learning and Leadership program by emailing: alearnlead@k-state.edu or visiting coe.ksu.edu/academics/program-areas/adult-learning-leadership/ 

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