EDACE 886 

Coaching for High Performance1

KSIS Class #:  TBA  (3 credit hours) 

Instructor:  Dr. Judy Favor

Class sessions at K-State Olathe – Tuesdays – January 18th-March 8th; 5:30–9:30 p.m.

This course focuses on group and team behavior and processes in the adult education environment. Various factors that impact group behavior, processes, and effectiveness will be examined and participants will learn skills needed to more effectively manage and facilitate groups and teams of adults to achieve organizational objectives, accomplish tasks, and fulfill individual members’ needs.



Adult Learning and Motivation 3,4

KSIS Class #: TBA  (3 credit hours)  

Instructor:  Dr. Judy Favor

Meets at the K-State Olathe Campus–Tuesdays–March 22nd through May 10th; 5:30-9:30pm (Distance students may join via Zoom.) 

This course is an overview of significant learning and motivational theories and the educational implications for adult educators. Students will develop an awareness of what learning is and how it occurs, examine current and developing concepts on learning and motivation, and explore how adult learning is influenced by factors such as gender, race, and socioeconomic class. 



1One of the 5 optional courses for the Leadership Dynamics Graduate Certificate.  Students must complete 2 of the 5 courses available. 

2One of the 7 possible courses  required for Doctoral curriculum.  Four of the six courses must be completed.

3Required for Adult Learning Graduate Certificate


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