EDACE 8363,4  

Group Dynamics 

KSIS Class #: 18334    (3 credit hours)

Instructor:  Dr. Favor

 Tuesdays, August 24th thru October 12th , 5:30pm to 9:30pm.  

Note:  The course is currently planned to be held in the classroom at Olathe and via zoom. 

This course focuses on group and team behavior and processes in the adult education environment. Various factors that impact group behavior, processes, and effectiveness will be examined and participants will learn skills needed to more effectively manage and facilitate groups and teams of adults to achieve organizational objectives, accomplish tasks, and fulfill individual members’ needs.



Scholarly Writing6

KSIS Class #:  18335  (3 credit hours).

Instructor:  Dr. Yelich Biniecki

Online -October 21st thru December 9th

Zoom meetings – Thursdays, 10/21, 11/04,  11/18, 12/09, 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Note:  The course is currently planned to be held via remote learning or zoom. 

This course enables students to develop the writing skills they need to become successful writers in their academic and post-academic careers. Course topics focus on students’ disciplines and include annotated bibliographies, critiques, and literature reviews.


EDACE 7801

Introduction to Adult Learning and Leadership 

KSIS Class #: 13522   (3 credit hours)

Instructor:  Dr. Favor

Tuesdays, October 19th thru December 7th , 5:30pm to 9:30pm.  

Note:  The course is currently planned to be held in the classroom at Olathe and via zoom. 

This is a foundation course that acquaints the student with the diverse and evolving field of adult learning and leadership. It provides a systematic base for further studies in adult learning.   The broad purpose of this course is to have students explore the scope and significance of the field and its contributions to present-day learning in society. The student should leave this course with the beginning perspective of how adult learning emerged, how it is presently changing, and how it interrelates with other fields and disciplines.



1 Required for Masters Degree in Adult Learning and Leadership and Doctoral required academic core

2Required for Adult Learning Graduate Certificate

3Elective Course

4One of the 5 optional courses for the Leadership Dynamics Graduate Certificate.  Students must complete 2 of the 5 courses available. 

5Required for the Leadership Dynamics Graduate Certificate

6Required for Doctoral Courses

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