EDACE 832 Inter/Intrapersonal Communication

Instructor: Dr. Bill McCollum

KSIS: # 18185 (3 credits)

Dates: 3/09/2020-5/01/2020

This course examines various psychological and sociological factors that impact leadership. Through examining topics like motivation, communication and presentation styles, cognitive processing, learning styles and conflict management, students gain a deeper understanding of how these factors affect their personal leadership style and impact the adults they are leading.

If you want to complete the Leadership Dynamics Graduate Certificate along with the degree, you must complete EDACE 832, EDACE 835 and EDACE 839(pre-requisites 832 & 835).  If you are planning on completing this certificate, you must contact Dr. Royce Ann Collins (racollin@ksu.edu).  (EDACE 839 Experiential Learning and Leadership Dynamics is on the Fall 2020 online schedule.)  Plan accordingly!

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