*EDACE 790: Characteristics of the Adult Learner
Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang
Dates: January 14, 2019 – March 8, 2019
KSIS: 17157
The purpose of this course is to help the student gain increased knowledge about the characteristics of adults and how these impact learning. Students will be asked to develop a critical understanding of relevant theories, concepts, and research. Lastly, they will develop a better understanding of themselves as an adult learner.

+EDACE 832 Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication
Instructor: Dr. Jay Van Der Werff
Dates: January 14 – March 8
KSIS: 17008
This course examines various psychological and sociological factors that impact leadership.   Through examining topics like motivation, communication and presentation styles, cognitive processing, learning styles and conflict management, students gain a deeper understanding of how these factors affect their personal leadership style and impact the adults they are leading

EDACE 817 Reflective Practice in Social Justice Education
Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki
Dates: January 22, 2018 – May 3, 2019
KSIS: 17011
This course focuses on the application of principles of social justice education in informal and formal educational settings. Student-conceptualized and -implemented theory-to-practice social justice education projects serve as the capstone or culmination of the graduate certificate, with projects presenting powerful opportunities for students to foster social change and positively impact the communities in which they work.
Pre-requisite – EDACE 816 Foundations of Social Justice Education (or permission of instructor)

EDACE 765 Adult Learners and Integrating Technology into Curriculum
Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang
Dates: March 11, 2019 – May 3, 2019
KSIS: 17021
This course includes an in-depth study of methods for integrating innovative technologies into the curriculum for adult learners. With an in depth understanding of adult learners, students will analyze learning theories and appropriate technologies for relevance, effectiveness, and alignment with course curriculum.

*EDACE 847: Adult Learning and Motivation
Instructor: Dr. John Persyn
Dates: March 11, 2019 – May 3
KSIS: 17003
This course is an overview of significant learning and motivational theories and the educational implications for adult educators. Students will develop an awareness of what learning is and how it occurs, examine current and developing concepts on learning and motivation, and explore how adult learning is influenced by factors such as gender, race, and socioeconomic class.

Doctoral Class Schedule

EDACE 916: Foundations of Adult Learning and Leadership
Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Zacharakis
Wednesdays, 5:30– 9:30 p.m. (via Zoom for distance students)
January 16–March 13, 2019
KSIS Class #: 15549
This course is designed to develop a critical understanding of adult education in
historical perspectives, contemporary institutions and programs, teaching-learning
process, administrative practices, and conceptual roles.
The sessions will be delivered via Zoom.
Class sessions for face-to-face meetings will be 1/16, 1/23, 2/06, 2/20, 2/27 and 3/13.

*Required course for the Master of Adult Learning and Leadership
+Required Course for the Leadership Dynamics Graduate Certificate

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