EDACE 816: Foundations of Social Justice Education
Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki
Dates 5/21/2018 – 7/6/2018
KSIS: 12001
This course introduces the concept of social justice education (SJE) and focuses on the various theoretical lenses from which SJE can be viewed. The course introduces the principles of social justice education that promote equitable, sustainable, and transformative change in various formal and non-formal educational settings across the lifespan. The course integrates theoretical and practical aspects of social justice in local, national and international settings such as K-12 formal education, higher education, adult education, community development, and family education, agricultural education, and many more. (this is not the required course for the M.S. in Adult Learning and Leadership)

+EDACE 836: Group Dynamics
Instructor: Dr. Judy Favor
Dates: 5/7/2018 – 6/22/2018
KSIS: 12196
The course focuses on group behavior and group processes in organizations. Ways individual and leader characteristics impact group processes will be addressed. In addition, behavior and productivity will be examined. Finally, the structure, management, and facilitation of groups to achieve organizational objectives, accomplish group tasks, and fulfill individual members’ needs will be addressed. ~This course will require some synchronous online sessions with instructor and other students~.

EDACE 886 Teaching and Leading Multigenerations of Adults
Instructor: Dr. Royce Ann Collins
Dates: 5/7/18- 6/22/18
KSIS: 11815
This course will examine the traits of generations as defined as an age cohort that shares unique formative years. The context of teaching and leading multigenerations will be addressed. Students will learn how to apply concepts to foster communication and collaboration of all generations present.

*EDACE 830 Program Planning
Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang
Dates: 5/7/18 – 6/22/18
KSIS: 11843
This course includes an analysis of major approaches of program planning and development and discussion of assumptions related to successful program planning in several types of organizations. It outlines the importance of program planning and elements of a systematic planning process.

EDACE 824 Teaching Online
Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang
Dates: 6/25/18 – 8/10/18
KSIS: 11873
This course examines online adult learning theories, online pedagogies, current research, and trends in e-education for the workplace and higher education.

EDACE 937 Organization and Administration of Adult Education
Instructor: Dr. Jeffrey Zacharakis
Dates: 6/25/18 – 8/10/18
KSIS: 11912
Included in this course will be a critical study of organizational procedures and administrative practices as related to the implementation and maintenance of an effective program in adult education.

*EDACE 818 Social Foundations
Instructor: Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki
Dates: 6/25/18 – 8/10/18
KSIS: 11875
This course is designed for adult and continuing education students and college or university personnel in sociology and related fields dealing with adults. It is based on the premise that learning is affected by society, government, and economics. Included is an in-depth examination of the relationship between adult education and culture.

EDACE 785 Designing Classroom Instruction and Curriculum
Instructor: Dr. Royce Ann Collins
Dates: 6/25/18 – 8/10/18
KSIS: 11848
In this 8-week course, you will learn how to design and deliver curriculum for adult learners to enhance transfer of learning. This systematic approach will help you improve your skills in overall instructional design, including writing instructional goals and objectives, determining an appropriate context for instruction, creating formative and summative assessments, and assessing learning outcomes. You will also have an opportunity to develop or redesign a course.

*Required core course for M.S.
+Required for Leadership Dynamics Certificate
**Required for Adult Learning Certificate

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