We are excited to announce a new name for our master’s and doctoral degree programs: Adult Learning and Leadership.

We researched over the past year to determine if our degree name reflected our degree programs and the culture of the field of adult education. We concluded that Adult Learning and Leadership was more descriptive of our programs. After a year of working through committee approvals at the University and Kansas Board of Regents, a few days ago, we received approval to announce the new degree name.

The degree requirements do not change for the masters or doctoral programs, only the name was updated.

The Registrar’s office will honor the old degree name with any current students. Therefore, if you are currently in the program, Adult and Continuing Education will be the degree name posted on your transcript when you graduate.

Some current students might want the new name. At this time, we have not received a response to our inquiry about allowing current students the option to graduate under the new degree name. We will update you as soon as we hear.

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