May 19-21, 2015 the Adult Education Research Conference will be held on our Manhattan, Kansas campus offering a fantastic opportunity for our students, to connect and collaborate with experts in the field of Adult and Continuing Education. This occasion also offers a chance for students to meet our faculty and explore our beautiful campus.

“The Adult Education Research Conference (AERC) is an annual North American conference that provides a forum for adult education researchers to share their experiences and the results of their studies with students, other researchers, and practitioners from around the world. In a sense, the AERC is also a retreat for members of the adult education community; an informal, collegial gathering where all are encouraged to enter into lively debate over the future direction of research in adult education.”

“The purpose of the AERC is to: • to promote the improvement of research and evaluation in adult education • to foster professional collaboration among persons who promote research, conduct research or utilize research findings in the field of adult education.”

To find out more about the conference, scheduled speakers and registration information please go to

For specific questions please contact Dianna Bartel

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