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I’m not a teacher!

Do you work with adults? If the answer is “yes” you might benefit from courses on motivation, interpersonal relationships and how people learn. A graduate degree in Adult Education doesn’t automatically mean you’re a teacher. Our graduates are from all over the workforce. Corporate trainers, ministry workers, public safety, military officers, health care, and higher education are all represented!

I can learn that information in a CE training course offered at work or online!

You really can’t learn everything there is to learn about working with adults in an hour-long seminar that only introduces vocabulary. It’s hard to cover the amount of beneficial information in one of the 8-week courses! Taking a deeper look at subjects is important for real understanding. An 8-week course also offers opportunity to engage with the subject matter, or tailor it to your specific needs.

I’m too old to go back to school!

Surprising for some, the average age of a graduate student is 33 and 20% are over 40. For most adults going back to school after time in the work force gives them perspective on what it is they really want to do. Adults going back to school also understand their priorities and are able to balance the responsibilities of work and family better than when they were 20.

I can’t afford it!

Graduate school is an expense, but anything worth having costs something. A surprising number of employers offer tuition assistance that goes unused. Why not check and see if it is an option? Other than that there are scholarships and federal assistance for those who qualify.

I have too many responsibilities!

Your busyness never stops. Countless adults say “Someday I’d love to go back to school” If you wait until things stop being busy you might never go back. Prioritize and find a program geared for working adults. You might be right, and this isn’t a great time but next month might be.

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