Thank you for the interest in the Adult Education Master’s degree at Kansas State University!

Summer Enrollment opens on Monday, March 26, 2012.  Courses are limited to 25 students.  Enroll early, especially if you are planning on completing all degree requirements in the summer or fall 2012 semesters!

Courses Begin April 30, 2012 and Conclude June 22, 2012:

*EDACE 818: Social Foundations – Instructor: Dr. Royce Ann Collins

*EDACE 830: Program Planning – Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang

EDACE 865: Principles of Workplace Learning – Instructor Dr. Frank Spikes

Courses Begin June 11, 2012 and Conclude August 3, 2012:

*EDACE 780: Introduction to Adult Education – Instructor: Dr. Jeff Zacharakis (The faculty recommend students beginning with this course.)

*EDACE 790: Characteristics of the Adult Learner – Instructor: Dr. Jane Fishback

EDACE 765: Adult Learning and Integrating Technology into the Curriculum – Instructor: Dr. Haijun Kang

*Required courses for the Master’s of Adult Education Degree


  1. If a student has already taken EDCEP 829 as part of the Academic Advising Cert (electives in this program) is he or she required to do EDACE 847? Or can another course be substituted? I understand that the AA Cert will accept EDACE 847 as a replacement for one of their courses.

    1. EDCEP 829 does NOT meet the requirement for EDACE 847: Adult Learning and Motivation in the Adult Education Master’s program. All students completing the Master’s degree in Adult Education must completed EDACE 847.

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