The Adult Education faculty are moving their dynamic face-to-face master’s program to an online format.  Courses will still be offered face-to-face in locations throughout the state of Kansas.  However, the educational formats are changing and the faculty want to give students an online opportunity as well.  We believe this format will reach a wider audience and we will be able to assist more people.

When the average person on the street is asked, “what is adult education?” Many respond that it is something to do with adult basic education or education after college.  Actually, the field of adult education is very broad.  It really involves any programs that are designed for the adult population. In their 2007 book, The Profession and Practice of Adult Education, Merriam & Brockett defined adult education as “Activities intentionally designed for the purpose of bringing about learning among those whose age, social roles, or self-perception define them as adults” (p.8).  If you can situate your professional or volunteer activities within that definition, then this is the degree program for you.  Contact us at

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  1. Just some ideas —

    I think we should create fleece jackets or bags with the above logo on them, and some text to reflect our degree program.

    Also, maybe our own facebook page like Academic Advising M.S. has.

    Really appreciate the posts here, as well!


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